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April 13, 2014
Who's The Boss?
Charlotte NC's Darryl Turner sneaked into Strikers in Rock Hill and stole the money in StrikeZone Promotions Who's The Boss tournament on April 13th. Turner lived up to his reputation as a "master" of sandbagging.
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Turner carrying 44 sticks handicap carefully navigated qualifying, only topping the 200 mark once at 202. After 4 games, the field was cut in half before two more games decided the top 8, who rolled seeded match play. Turner turned it on in games 5 and 6 with 223 and 232, before disposing of Rocky Mount NC's James Baines in the first round of match play 216-204 (260-237 hdcp). Turner then faced off against Winthrop University student Tanisha Terrell in the round of four, and took a 218-203 (262-231) win into the championship. Shelton Graham defeated Brian Metot and David Hensel to get to Turner in the Championship. In other match play, Terrell dumped fourth qualifier Jaylen Zaragoza and Hensel, the Scratch Sweeper winner, kicked the Ladies Sweeper winner Missy Broome, to the curb.

In the championship, it was all Turner. Graham used up all of his lucky charms in his previous match-ups, and just couldn't sustain a charge against Turner. Turner emerged with a 213-177 (257-223) win.

It is our belief that competitive tournament bowling shouldn't be a "dog eat dog" experience. Our tournament promoting efforts will be focused on offering a fun, family friendly, value packed bowling experience. All of our tournaments, at this time, will be hosted at Strikers Family Sports Center in Rock Hill, SC.

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